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Friday, October 2, 2009

Dame Vivienne Westwood

I was so excited to see the ss2010 Vivienne Westwood collection today. I've been so inspired by her not only by her creations but her life. Not only did she invent the Punk look, she started with nothing. Went from teaching in an elementary school to opening the coolest shop in London.

As a designer, I'm kind of against the idea of trend. I never look at what other designers are doing before I start a new collection, I just go follow my gut, just what I feel should be going on.

Vivienne has always done that, she does what she does, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't but her point of you is always obvious.

All that to say, I love her ss2010 collection, it's one of my favorites in a while. I love the styling, love the mix of prints, I love the hair and most of all I love Vivienne!

Music is my key to success!

So music is probably the thing that inspires me the most. Not only because when we think of a particular song we can picture the time in which it was written but mostly just by the way a song can make me feel.

When I start working on a collection, before I even have bought the fabric or started sketching I have to put myself in a mood. The first thing that I need to create that mood is music. So around that time I will start obsessing on a genre or an era.

When I was designing the fall collection last February, I was listening none stop to The Replacements, Billy Bragg, Hole and Sonic Youth. These are all bands that have shaped who I am today because that's what I listened to growing up but this time, it felt different. Maybe it's cause I'm older, maybe it's cause I finally understand the feeling that these artist had when they created their work. But all I know is that without these albums who knows what my collection would have looked like.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Black is back

So I haven't been around for a while due to an insane amount of work at the shop, wholesale expanding and trying to find a new and better location for the Lustre headquarters.

Anyways, enough excuses and let's talk fashion!

Lately I've been obsessed with black. I know it doesn't seem like the most original thing but for all of you guys/ladies that know me and the Lustre brand know that I've always been attracted to bright patterns and colors, so it's a new addiction.

I also use the word addiction because I can't stop. Some of my friends have even been making fun of me and calling me a goth! I don't know how long this is gonna last but it has forced me to produce some great fall " little black dresses".

So here are some of my favorites!
Bed of Nails dress
A bubble tunic made of a 100% wool with a cotton fitted lining and a studded shoulder! (available at Lustre/Nokomis in Edmonton)
The Miss World dress inspired by my idol from when I was 14 Courtney Love. Made from cotton sateen, not only comfortable but also sophisticated. (available at Lustre/Nokomis in Edmonton/Charlie in Toronto/Sweet Pea in Halifax)

My New favorite dress, I added the Nite Klub dress to the shop last week and I've already worn mine twice. These lace dresses are awesome because not only are they lace but they're lined with the most comfortable cotton jersey!(available at Lustre/Sweet Pea in Halifax)