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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Knits and drop shoulders

When I started designing this collection I knew I wanted it to look effortless without loosing the feminine shape of my pieces. I decided to start with the shoulder, I went with a drop shoulder on almost all the pieces. You will notice as I post more pieces that the sleeves never start at the proper shoulder. The other thing I did with this collection is use a lot of knits. The collection is full of texture! I can't wait to wear it and I hope you guys will like it to. I always try to outdo myself and I feel with this collection, I did!

(All of these pieces will be hitting the racks Friday, if they haven't already!)

The Boho Dance dress 165$ ( also available in a mix of purple/charcoal/black)
This is an amazing Italian stretch velvet with sequins.
Cherry Bomb top 65$. This cotton/poly/lurex blend mix crop top is the perfect transition piece.
The Dreamland top (55$) is offered in a gray wool/acrylic blend and an Italian cotton/poly blend.
It has an elastic at the hem so it can be worn long to the hips or brought up to the waist.
The Heart in a Cage dress 120$, is also an Italian Cotton/Poly blend, it's so cozy I can't even describe it!

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